Laboratorio LIBRA is a Uruguayan company, located in Montevideo, capital of the Republic of Uruguay.

Uruguay, geographical centre of MERCOSUR, has the highest income per capita of the continent and a GDP of 600 trillion dollars. It is a country of 3:300.000 inhabitants and 190.000 sq.mts Having a mild climate,Uruguay is a socially stable country.

In MERCOSUR Uruguay is the best “gateway” to the region which comprises 250 million inhabitants.

Uruguay has a vast and diverse network of physical communications that, together with the competitiveness of its financial services and an infrastructure that supports corporate activity, allows access to the hub of business in MERCOSUR, and its projection towards other regions and countries.

Since its origin as an independent nation, the development of the economic activity in Uruguay has been supported by a perfect symbiosis: an abundance of natural resources and the work of its people – mostly European immigrants -.

A traditionally non-religious, free and compulsory education, has been the backbone for successive generations of Uruguayans in their primary, secondary and tertiary schooling.

The use of this highly-qualified labour force explains the ease of adaptation to new technology in production processes. Uruguayans’ superior high qualifications have always been one of the main comparative advantages of the country.

In addition to the above, its political and economic stability, a high health coverage has been developed. The level of training of Uruguayan people, explains the easy adaptation to the use of new technologies in production processes. Historically, the level of training of Uruguayan has been a major comparative advantages of the country. In addition, its long political and economic stability, high health coverage (90% of the population; 1 physician per 275 inhabitants) and its open and cosmopolitan society, have led to its current position as the ideal platform for projecting business towards the region and the world.