Lab Libra Chile

25 years of sustained growth with sharp increase in sales.

Sales Force

Trained sales force working directly with main private clinics.

Qualified Supplier

Qualified supplier of Central Nacional de Abastecimiento – CENABAST of antibiotics, oncologics, hemoderivatives and biological products.

Consolidated agreement

Consolidated agreement with the main clients.

Regulatory Affairs

Drug Research Thieme

Regulatory Affairs Department experienced in achieving local Therapeutical Equivalence.

Recognized expertise in synthesis and biotechnological products.

Responsible for the first clinical comparative study performed with Libra’s antibiotics.*

*Araya, I., Fasce, G., Núñez, E., Opazo, J.L., Saez, E. and Hurtado, V. (2015). A Non-inferiority Pilot Study Comparing the Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Generic Wide-spectrum Antibiotic Use in Septic Oncology Patients. Drug Res (Stuttg). 65(12):635-9.

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