Medio ambiente paneles solares



Located in the very center of Montevideo, Laboratorio LIBRA has a responsible policy regarding the environment. It implements serious solutions for the disposal of waste products and the recycling of various materials.

Through its association with the School of Chemistry of the University of the Republic of Uruguay, it ensures the appropriate destruction of special waste products.

The company contributes with social aimed enterprises through the recycling of materials such as glass, plastic and paper.

REPAPEL is a NGO which develops an environmental education program (the program has the same name), focused on the management (collection and recycling) of paper in public schools and sponsoring organizations. Disposed paper in schools and sponsoring organizations is taken to recycling warehouses and factories and from them, recycled paper materials and items return to participating schools. Besides, different environmental education activities are organized for teachers and students.

RECOPLAST specialized in plastic recycling. It manufactures all kinds of plastic articles with the materials obtained. Young people in the process of rehabilitation participate in this activity with a social aim.

COREVI is a glass recycling coop formed by ex-workers of the Uruguayan Glass factory.

The Association of National Laboratories (ALN) and the Chamber of Pharmaceutical Specialties (CEFA) have developed, jointly with PLATERAN SA (FARMARED-LOGIRED), the PLESEM plan, a plan for the safe elimination of drug containers disposed by their final users. This plan is the first field specific management plan, authorized by the Ministry of Housing, Territorial Management and the Environment, RM 1172/2010, which complies with the requirements of decree No. 260/007 setting forth the disposal of container residues.

This plan establishes that expired drugs containers and drug containers generated at the user’s home must be deposited in the ECOFARMA depositories placed in pharmacies, to look after our health and the health of our loved ones, thus ensuring an environmentally adequate management. This management, to which Laboratorio Libra adheres, takes account our commitment with the community and the environment.

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